US bets, on ‘March Madness’ planned wagers for 8.5 billion dollars

The liberalization of the US sports betting market could bring wagers of 8.5 billion dollars – about 7.5 billion euros – on the ‘March Madness’ of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), the most important american collegiate tournament. It is estimated that around 47 million Americans will focus on the challenges scheduled in the draw: for one bettor out of three the Duke team is favoured for the final victory. This is the first national NCAA tournament on which to bet after the Supreme Court decision last May that legalized sports bets. Eight so far the states in which it is possible to bet: from May to today the sector has already raised 5.9 billion dollars (5.2 billion euros), a figure destined to grow considerably thanks to the challenges of the ‘March Madness’. lp/AGIMEG

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