Sigma iGaming 2019, Fearne (Deputy Prime Minister Malta): “Our country is well regulated for investments in the gaming sector”. Schembri (Malta’s Finance Secretary): “Our gaming regulatory framework is at the forefront”

From our correspondent – “A European and democratic Malta is here and is not going away. The economy, the maltese institutions, indeed the government of Malta is stable. The environment for investment and growth remains, and will remain strong. Malta remains proud. Malta remains strong. This week we shown that Malta is a serious and regulated country.” This was stated by Malta’s Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne at the” Sigma iGaming 2019 “conference. Also present at the event is the Secretary for Financial Services Silvio Schembri who said: “The sandbox regulatory framework is a clear illustration of the keen mindset which enables both the industry and the regulator to evolve in tandem.” ac/AGIMEG