Pagano (ceo Qlash) to Agimeg: “eSports market in Italy is a quarter of the Spanish one, but there’re great expectations”

“The eSports market in Italy is far from the European dynamics. Since last year, wordness has increased. Today it’s a fashionable word and media starts to talk about it. And his diffusion is in the hands of companies like Mediaset, Sky. When major teams embrace the eSports, that will be the spark that will make them explode and spread”. So Luca Pagano, CEO Team Qlash, to Agimeg about the eSports market. “In Italy we have only few teams and there isn’t a big market, but when we’ll have more important teams, market will expand. In Europe, the Italian market is a quarter of the Spanish one, we are at the levels of France, but better than the English one, where the sector is still not particularly interested. About 40% of eSports fans follow football and this is important to understad the crossover between football and videogames”. lp/AGIMEG