Betting shops and online: a setback in October. GGR sharply down

October was an unusual month for the sports betting market, both online and in betting shops. There were highs and lows, but particularly declines for both sectors, especially in GGR.

As reported from Agimeg, the online sports betting sector experienced a sharp setback in the past month. In October, GGR amounted to 57.3 million euros, down by 56.6% compared to the 132 million euros spent in October of last year.

On the other hand, the Turnover wagered saw an increase, going from 1.2 billion to about 1.3 billion euros. The increase was 6.7%.

The betting shop market in October suffered a significant halt in both Turn Over and GGR. In the past month, GGR amounted to just 15.7 million euros, compared to 88.6 million euros spent in October 2022. The decline was therefore -82.3%.

There was also a setback in the Turnover wagered – reports Agimeg – which went from 539 million euros in October of the previous year to 518.5 million euros this year, a decrease of -3.8%.

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