Reorganization of the gambling market, approval from the Council of Ministers. Three fees for operators. News on cash payments at PVRs. Approval for Lotto contest. Next step: reorganization of the physical network. The details and VIDEO

Italy – The Council of Ministers has definitively approved the legislative decree for the reorganization of the online gaming sector.

With this text, the Government intends to intervene to rationalize and update the system of public remote gaming, increasing the value of concessions to be awarded and regulating it with more modern and strict rules – as Agimeg reports.

The decree approved today by the Council of Ministers increases the amounts required from concessionaires who will now have to pay three fees to operate in Italy: a one-time fee of 7 million euros, an annual fee equal to 3% of each operator’s net revenues, and an annual fee equal to 0.2% of operators’ net revenues for informative and communication campaigns to combat gambling addiction.

Furthermore, the renewal of the Lotto contest for 2025 has been arranged, with a base auction of one billion euros.

Moreover, the use of cash for online games will be stopped: those who want to top up more than 100 euros in PVRs – as Agimeg reports – must necessarily use traceable and secure electronic payment instruments.

The next step in the reform of the gaming sector will involve a reorganization of the physical gaming network, in order to achieve a complete and definitive rationalization of the entire system.