Online gaming decree: yes to 7 million euros for licence, ban on skins, restrictions on PVR, and opening to responsible advertising. Approval from the House and Senate Committees

Italy – The opinions of the Finance Committee of the House and the Budget Committee of the Senate, exclusively released by Agimeg, have confirmed the decree draft on the reorganization of public gaming, especially the online segment.

Therefore, no changes to what was anticipated in the document. No objections to the cost of 7 million euros for the new online gaming licence. Ban on skins in any form and confirmation of restrictions on PVRs.

The observations – as reported by Agimeg – also concern the possibility of foreseeing, with reference to articles 3 and 15, for the protection of players, especially the most vulnerable ones, the use of promotion, communication, and information forms of messages solely for social purposes, functional to the dissemination of safe and responsible gaming in order to prevent and combat pathological gambling, with the indication of the logo or brand of the licensing company promoting the message. sb/AGIMEG