Italy, betting and online gaming: 100 concessions competing at a cost of between 8 and 10 millions euros each. All the details

The next Italian Budget Law will also have the gaming sector among its subjects. This time, however, what makes the difference is the fact that there is a Tax Delegation approved in August for the reorganization of the gaming business.

The main focus for the government will be to find a national rule on distances from sensitive places and opening hours for betting rooms and slot rooms.

If the concessions for physical points have been extended for about 8 years, considering the different regulations within the various regions that in fact prevent a tender, the issue is different for the online licensing competition.

About a hundred concessions should go to tender with a sum that should range between 8 and 10 million euros each. This would mean for the State to collect between 800 million and one billion euros.

This is a sum that could be put to cover the next Italian Budget Law. The gaming sector therefore continues to remain an important income for the Italian State. Since the industry is waiting for a reorganization, it is difficult to work on a taxation of any kind, such as that on bet winnings.

Also, it is possible that other resources would come in advance from the Lotto game. The IGT concession will expire in 2025, but it could be already banned next year in order to use the collection as a coverage for 2024.